It's In the Nucleus


There is a chromosome that no one talks about. It’s identifiable, there are signs. People who have it display something called ‘the-best-it-can-be’ syndrome. This syndrome manifests itself in a complete abandonment of the rote, the stayed, the has-been and the predictable. People with this syndrome challenge themselves and those around them to think anew.


‘The-best-it-can-be’ syndrome causes the affected to not be satisfied with phoning it in. Learning to advance their own knowledge is their drug. Knowing is their satisfaction. Applying new knowledge is their love. Delivering excellence in everything they touch is their reward. This syndrome’s chromosome turns work into joy.


We’re an oasis for people with ‘the-best-it-can-be’ syndrome. We celebrate it. Because it transforms projects into creative wonderlands that are authentically contagious. People with it transfer their kinetic curiosity that sparks in others, turning on their mind to understand and grow, moving them to adapt, to change.

Yeah there’s a chromosome no one talks about. But there’s no need to be ashamed if you have it. If you do, join us. Our oasis has client and staff memberships available.

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