You’ve uncovered a knowledge gap, or operations has expressed a productivity issue, or maybe legal issues are escalating in a specific discipline. 
Whatever your business need, our learning strategists can help.

Learning Consulting with Ricochet

No couch – unless you want one. No highfalutin irrelevant speak. Just sound strategy development with full action ability. We start with exploration of your business objectives, knowledge need, learner responses to existing behavior or change management initiatives, and stakeholder working sessions to identify and quantify present state and desired state.  

Our team creates strategic roadmaps that feed curriculum development. We develop audience personas that guide course creation parameters. We create the learner journey for each business objective and the learning tactics that are going to pick-up your learners today and transport them to the destinations needed for objective fulfillment. Learners are ready to go, are you ready to take them?

Who is Ricochet Partners? We are story crafters working across the panoply of media disciplines to bring just the right story to achieve your objectives with your audiences.
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