Live learning isn’t resuscitation to a bullet point mind dump of information in front of intellectually numbed attendees.
It is contextual theater. The opportunity to entertain, influence, persuade, and alter a learner’s path is as vast as the oceans are deep.

Ignite Your Instructor-Led and Blended Learning

You want to inspire, lift thinking, elevate approaches, coach in practice and leave your learners unbounded to apply learning for new levels of success. Integrating performance, theatrical, experiential and advanced creative ideation with sound instructional methodology – we design experiences learners relish.

You want to get out of your risk box, and you want your learners to as well. You want to create experiences in live learning and blended learning that move the mental and emotional Richter scale to help learners adapt to new realities and successfully command them. Our blended learning design preps learners for optimal learning assimilation of classroom learning, and post-course retention and application. Our classroom learning design creates immersive experiences that change minds, hearts and behaviors by delivering holistic experiences that surprise, engage, and stimulate.

Who is Ricochet Partners? We are story crafters working across the panoply of media disciplines to bring just the right story to achieve your objectives with your audiences.
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