Marketing of learning courses?
That’s right! As soon as you start planning to create a course, marketing planning should begin. Whether your courses are compliance focused on a regulatory timeline for completion and incident risk minimization, or you have optional professional development courses to advance your staff’s abilities – marketing can make the difference between launch and flop. It creates awareness but takes it one step further. Creating affinity for your courses allows the course to enter into your learner’s consideration set which leads to course engagement.

Course Published? You're not done.

To think you aren’t competing for mindshare from your learners is to be fooling your better self. Work requirements, free-range learning from a host of online purveyors, YouTube gurus and association and publication sources are all vying for your learner’s attention. The right marketing plan can attract your learners, convert them to commitment to engage, and foster recommendations to their peers to do the same.

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