Compliance topics are fertile playing fields for captivating storytelling.
Consequences are potentially life-changing. What seems right can be wrong and what seems wrong can be wrong only situationally. Stories provide the perfect context for teaching practices and policy with maximum impact and memorability.

Making Compliance Training Appetizing

You want to awaken the mind to experience the ‘what if’, crystallize curious exploration, and set the stage for content absorption. Our courses deliver. By illuminating work situations with authenticity, learners’ connect with characters and experience new situations in a risk free context they can apply to work life encounters.

Just like real life, our characters have intentional and unintentional motivations. They find themselves in business situations where traditional business thinking can lead them astray. They experience interactions which seem harmless, and discover they can carry tremendous legal and professional consequences. Through artful screenwriting and innovative instructional design, our courses influence behavior change through heightened policy and situational awareness. 

Who is Ricochet Partners? We are story crafters working across the panoply of media disciplines to bring just the right story to achieve your objectives with your audiences.
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