Approach the Audience as a Marketer

Approach The Audience As A Marketer 900X600

Why? Because you are one. Learning and marketing are not on opposite ends of the communication spectrum. They share the most important objective – behavior shift. In advertising and marketing, the shift is to purchase a product or service and sustain that purchasing behavior. In learning, the shift is to adopt new practices that are in alignment with company compliance regulations and sustain that compliant behavior.

So how does this reality alter the way you develop training? Look at how marketers go to market. They combine logical and emotional appeals in varying percentages based upon the products or services they are selling and the brand they are communicating. They appeal to consumers’ needs and desires from the customers’ point of view. Good marketers don’t just spew the benefits in a tidy order and expect assimilation to occur – quite the contrary. They know they have to stimulate appeal. They do it by adding emotion to their marketing, driving connection through relatability in situation, responses to interactions, aspirations, fears and more.

What happens in the learning world? Generally a full throttle blast of do’s and don’ts, rules and regs, and consequences wrapped in a throwback format – whether ILT or WBT – that is long overdue for the waste bin.

The first step in thinking like a marketer starts with your audience. Employees are more than a pair of hands on a computer.

By thinking like a marketer, you’ll provide training perfectly suited to your learners delivering more influence and consequently, behavior change.


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