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Approach The Audience As A Marketer 900X600
Approach the Audience as a Marketer
Why? Because you are one. Learning and marketing are not on opposite ends of the communication spectrum.
Rp Learningblog Micro Learning
When creating microlearning experiences, don’t lose site of the bigger picture
To say that microlearning experiences are the way of the future is a foregone conclusion...
Rp Learningblog Align Training With Audience Learning 3709
It’s time to align our training courses with the way our audience learns
Let’s say you want to learn how to properly carve the turkey you’re planning on cooking and serving for your Thanksgiving dinner. Do you…
Rp Learningblog Inciting Incident
Without an inciting incident, there is no story
Some people think a story is just a series of events retold, whether verbally, in writing or on film...
Rp Learningblog Audience Learn Tell Great Story 3704
Learning experiences don’t have to be boring
Think about your average educational documentary film. It features a monotone narrator spewing information you probably ...
Rp Learningblog Bore Your Audience 3704
If you want your audience to learn, tell them a great story
We all remember sitting in a particular class in school, bored out of our minds as the teacher bombarded us with a seemingly meaningless stream of useless facts...
Rp Learningblog Appealing To Emotion 3722
The way to your learners' minds is through their hearts
Why is it that we can instantly recall the lyrics to our favorite songs, what we got for Christmas on our eighth birthday, and the day our first pet died...
Rp Learningblog Story Based Videos
When done right, videos are powerful learning tools
We live in the age of video – if casual observation isn’t enough to prove it to the remaining naysayers...
Rp Learningblog Aha Moments
Aha! moments create more meaningful, lasting learning experiences
Think back to a time when you were trying to solve a problem. Do you remember that moment when you finally discovered the answer...
Rp Learningblog Behavior Shifts
Understanding your audience is key to developing effective learning experiences
Audience profiling has been an essential ingredient for successful advertising and marketing for decades...
Rp Learningblog Reachfreq
When it comes to learning, the “one and done” approach is a recipe for failure
In media planning, the concepts of reach and frequency are an integral part of developing a successful strategy....
Rp Learningblog Importance Of Ux
The Importance of UX in Engaging Learning Design
See if this sounds familiar: Mom’s birthday is around the corner and she loves all things lavender. After a quick online search for soaps...
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